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Google Adwords and Microsoft Bing Ads Advertising by one of best PPC Expert in Delhi – India.
I am Google Certified Professional who has cleared their exams and other criteria.

About Pay Per Click Expert: Rahul

Rahul is an B.Tech Graduate and has +7 years experience in Google Adwords Expert and Microsoft Bing Ads PPC Consultant for Online Digital Advertising. He is a Google Adwords Certified Professional and Microsoft Bing Ads Certified Professional and has managed small to big ad spend accounts in profitable Adwords Campaigns and Bing PPC Campaign. He holds a B.Tech. Degree in IT and Expert in Digital Marketing and Advertising Services. He is working as PPC Expert in Delhi area from many years and serving his clients successfully.

Why Choose to Work with Rahul?

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) can bring in new business in hours, making it a great choice for quickly increasing your sales. From Facebook Ads to Google AdWords, today’s top PPC advertising platforms are designed both for experts and for beginner advertisers, making it tempting to think your campaign is best when you manage it personally.

Why Choose PPC Expert for Your Business?

PPC advertising has the potential to deliver targeted traffic, but it takes technical know-how to do it properly. Even marketing veterans can make mistakes when they enter into a new market, or start selling a new product with PPC. It takes an expert PPC analyst to review every potential facet of your account, looking for ways to improve on the copy and the landing page. If you’re thinking of setting up your own Google AdWords account, don’t. There’s a reason PPC professionals charge a fee for management. If you’re new to PPC, you may be unaware that it will cost you less to hire an expert than it will to launch a campaign on your own. Here are some reasons why you should hire a PPC Consultant.


Comprehensive and indepth analysis and report of PPC performance, your business, market and competitors.


Strategic and expert advice to improve and streamline your PPC to achieve higher results at a lower cost.


Tailored Google Ad campaigns we design and build for your business, including budget spend optimisation. We’ll implement conversion tracking to track your website conversion results.

Set up

Set up of tailored, targeted and effective Google Ads and campaigns. Includes extensive keyword research, conversion tracking and landing pages.


Range of reporting options and useful insights on what is important to you, such as revenue, conversions and spend. We offer regular updates and phone calls to discuss in detail.

Technical Support

Reliable help and support to resolve Google Ads, account and website issues. We are always available to speak to directly and we guarantee a fast response, even out of hours.

Budget Control

We maximise the return on your budget providing regular monitoring to prevent overspend and waste. We ensure that you achieve greater performance with a lower spend.


With proactive PPC and conversions analysis and monitoring, we provide regular feedback to our clients on PPC performance and conversion results to improve campaigns.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Keyword Research – We identify keywords that will work hardest for you and maximise the use of your budget
  • Campaign Set-Up – We set up campaigns and keywords for best performance
  • Ad Copy – Writing compelling copy that gets your ad clicked on by the customers that you want to attract
  • Ad Split Testing – We’ll continually test new ads to achieve maximum conversions and click through rates
  • Maximising Quality Score – increasing this can help in minimising costs
  • Monitoring and Reporting – We give total transparency in reporting, so you can see where your money is going and the return on investment you’re getting. We’ll also incorporate analysis into the campaigns for improved performance, and provide in-depth reporting on progress with ongoing recommendations

9 reasons to work with us:

1. Great value for money

Our PPC services are greater value for money than most agencies because we have lower overheads. Larger agencies charge a lot of money because they have expensive overheads and payroll, but we’ll give you a better service and great results and help to reduce your costs at the same time. Our fees are reasonable for the service we offer and represent good value for money, whilst still being an AdWords expert. We also don’t tie you into a long contract; you can drop out at any time.

2. Campaigns that are tailored to you

Because we’re a smaller company and not a sales-driven agency, we don’t have a cookie-cutter system for clients. We’ll discuss your business needs with you and analyse your market, customers and competitors. Whether you have an existing advertising campaign or want to set up a new campaign, we can transform non-profitable campaigns to show a positive return on investment and growth in sales that is tailored to your business requirements.

3. Passion for excellent results

Our drive and passion is to deliver excellent results for our clients, and we deliver results for a range of businesses. We are happy to work with your existing Web Developers to improve measurement and maximise conversion rates.

4. Personal and friendly service

As a smaller PPC agency, we have a smaller client-base and work with clients who we can realistically improve profits and leads for. We’re approachable, here to help and to talk things through with you whenever you need to. We offer a very personalised service because you’re not just another client.

5. Excellent support

Any time you need support or have questions, I’m always available by telephone or email and you will speak with me personally.

6. Honest and trustworthy

We offer straight-forward, honest and impartial advice bespoke to your business. We’ll explain unfamiliar concepts in language that you can understand so you know exactly what we are doing. A lot of our work has been referred because of the great results we’ve delivered.

7. Fast and efficient service

We’ll have your campaign set up and running efficiently and quickly when we’ve established what your requirements are. AdWords campaigns are effective immediately, so you’ll be boosting prospective customers and sales leads to your website straight away.

8. Learning and qualifications

I’m a Google AdWords Certified consultancy, and continually learning about the new AdWords system features. This is coupled with continuous learning and experience since 2007.

9. Software tools

I subscribe to several tools that help manage and increase performance in your account. This is coupled with an in-depth knowledge of common tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

For a free, no obligation discussion about your requirements with a PPC specialist, please contact us.

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